Square-Enix: Lifespan PS 3 and XBOX 360 Too Old!

a desire to taste the latest gaming technology just does not seem to be a push for gamers, but also the developer and publisher. The life expectancy of today”s consoles are more than 5 years, it grew into a separate concern. At least, this is an attempt made by Square Enix, who had showed their vision through the charming Luminous Engine. According to them, the age of the current generation of consoles can be considered “too old” and it has the potential to kill the console industry itself. What on earth? Leaving console this generation to live too long, according to director of technology Square Enix – Julien Merceron is one of the biggest mistakes ever made by Sony and Microsoft. With further technological uncertainty of existence, not a few developers who ultimately prefer to wait rather than developing a game content that may not be successful in the market. The result? Many developers who move to other, more lucrative platform. Absolutely, Merceron believes that the growth of mobile platforms and web-browser in the present is the impact of “negative” of this problem. The result is clear, the console industry was depressed.

We need to Unleash The Luminous ….

Merceron said that he is more likely to prefer the life of a shorter console to prevent things like this to happen again. The developer will have the opportunity to experiment and develop more new content without having to glance at other than the console platform. How do you own? Agree with the opinion delivered by Merceron? For us gamers, it would be a dilemma. The new console is a new means extra spending, but on the other hand, offers a gaming experience that is better. While on the other hand, retain the old console will produce the opposite effect. A cheap powerful next-generation console, maybe?